#SEJSpotlight on Members

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Hello members,

SEJ wants to promote your work to our social media followers! At the same time, we hope to attract new members (and donors!) to the organization, so we'll include your thoughts on SEJ alongside the graphic above, links to your stories, books, photos, and more.

Sign-up-here buttonComplete this form to sign up. Women and BIPOC journalists are especially encouraged to participate, because studies show they are less inclined to self-promote. You, too, students!

We're so excited to share your important work with the world.




David Boraks  |  Anne N. Connor  |  Maxine Joselow  |  Aminul Mithu  |  Shannon Osaka  |  Laura Paskus  |  Benjamin Ryan  |  Cindy Salo  |  Greg M. Schwartz




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