#SEJSpotlight: Erin Stone, Climate Emergency Reporter, LAist

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Meet SEJ member Erin Stone! Before coming to LAist in late 2021, Erin covered topics such as mental health, domestic violence and environmental issues for newspapers in Texas, Arizona and northern California. She turned her focus to climate coverage after reporting on the devastating impacts of rising sea levels on communities in the remote Sundarbans islands in India. As a local climate reporter, Erin's goal is to meet audiences where they are, and equip them with the information and connections they need to understand the causes and consequences of the climate crisis, and to take action to address and adapt to it at a local level. To do this, she amplifies community-driven solutions, breaks down complex science and policy in an accessible manner, and provides practical reporting that helps navigate this issue in daily life.

When asked how SEJ membership makes her job easier, Erin said, “As someone who came to environmental journalism from a less traditional route, SEJ has been an essential resource for me. The reporting guides and plethora of knowledge from seasoned environmental journalists have been incredibly valuable in catching me up to speed and directing my reporting.” Join us — apply for SEJ membership.

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Instagram      @erin_stone_
X                      @Erstone7

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