Sharp Rise In Florida Manatee Deaths As Algal Blooms Deplete Food

"Environmental groups in Florida are warning that unusually high numbers of manatee deaths in the first five months of the year, blamed in part on resurgent algal blooms contaminating and destroying food sources, could threaten the long-term future of the species."

Source: Guardian, 06/01/2021

30,000 Milkweeds Planted Around Calif. To Help Western Monarch Butterfly

"The Western monarch butterfly is disappearing before our eyes. The number of graceful, black-and-orange winged insects overwintering in coastal California this year dropped to under 2,000, compared with more than 29,000 the year before. And that was already a fraction of its previous population."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 06/01/2021

Digging Deep Into an Insect ‘Die-off’ When the Data Is Missing

Even with a book in the works and a pledge to not take on new projects, freelance environmental journalist Jeremy Hance couldn’t say no to a series on global insect decline. Despite missing data and numerous other challenges, the resulting project was an award-winning example of explanatory reporting. Insights and lessons learned, in the new Inside Story.

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Biden FWS Listing of Lesser Prairie Chicken Could Spark Fight in Oil Patch

"The Biden administration called for new protections under the Endangered Species Act for an iconic bird of the Great Plains on Wednesday, a move with major consequences for the oil and gas industry."

Source: Washington Post, 05/27/2021


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