Environmental Health

"EPA to Close Asbestos Reporting Loopholes Under Settlement"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will eliminate asbestos reporting loopholes put in place by the Trump administration and collect more data on how much of the carcinogen is made, imported and put into U.S products under a settlement announced Monday."

Source: Courthouse News Service, 06/08/2021

"EPA Acting Air Chief Plots Course For Tackling Trump Rollbacks"

"EPA might try to toughen hazardous air pollutant standards for coal-fired power plants in the course of revisiting one of the Trump administration's most incendiary environmental moves, according to the agency's acting air chief.

Source: E&E News, 06/08/2021

"Texas Breeder Deer May Have Spread Brain Disease Into The Wild"

"AUSTIN, Texas — State wildlife officials are struggling to trace and halt the spread of deer infected with a contagious brain disease after breeders sold potentially infected animals to hundreds of buyers and released them on game ranches across the state."

Source: HuffPost, 06/03/2021

"Treaties Offer New Aid In Environmental Fights"

"Native treaty rights are becoming powerful tools for protecting the environment against government mismanagement and destructive private industries, as worldwide efforts intensify to halt climate change and protect the environment."

Source: Indian Country Today, 06/03/2021


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