Alaska and Hawaii

"747 Soars Past The Competition As Katmai’s New Fat Bear Week Champion"

"Like all good things, Fat Bear Week has come to its inevitable end. A week ago, 12 of Katmai National Park and Preserve’s chunkiest chunks began a cutthroat competition. Now, after a single-elimination bracket allowed voters to choose their favorite pudgy predators, a single beefy brown bear reigns supreme."

Source: Anchorage Daily News, 10/07/2020

"Arctic Refuge Oil Footprint Could Expand Illegally, Lawsuits Say"

"Gravel mines, airstrips, and ice roads could appear in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, which Congress never intended when it agreed to allow oil development there, more than a dozen states are claiming in a bid to stop drilling there."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/11/2020

"Pink Salmon Could Prosper In Warmer Arctic, New Study Finds"

"Scientists like to say that climate change is creating winners and losers in Alaska: Some species will struggle, while others could benefit from warmer habitats. One of those climate change winners could be pink salmon in the Arctic, according to a new paper published by U.S. and Canadian scientists in a journal called Deep Sea Research Part II."

Source: Alaska Public Media, 09/08/2020

"Trump Administration Proposes Timber Sale In Tongass National Forest"

"The Trump administration on Friday proposed a sale that would allow logging across thousands of acres of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, which critics say will exacerbate climate change and harm wildlife habitats."

Source: The Hill, 09/07/2020

UN Urges Probe of Trump Arctic Drilling Plan for Human Rights Abuses

"The Trump administration’s plan to lease Alaska’s coastal plain for oil and gas drilling has hit a tiny snag: It could be a human rights violation. The United Nations is calling for an investigation into whether the policy violates the International Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination due to its impact on the Gwich’in people."

Source: Earther, 09/03/2020

NPR-A: "Environmental Groups Sue To Block Alaska’s Arctic Drilling"

"Environmental groups filed lawsuits aimed at halting efforts by the Trump administration to open up wide swaths of Alaska’s Arctic to oil drilling. Two separate lawsuits were filed late Monday challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to allow drilling on more than 18 million acres of land in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska."

Source: AP, 08/26/2020

"Trump’s Arctic Drilling Plan Challenged Over Polar Bear Threat"

"Environmentalists and Alaska natives are challenging the Trump administration’s decision to sell drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, arguing the government gave short shrift to the impact on polar bears and the region’s other wildlife. The groups said they filed a pair of lawsuits Monday in a U.S. district court in Alaska, setting up an election-year battle over the controversial plan, even as the Interior Department prepares for a possible auction."

Source: Bloomberg, 08/25/2020


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