"As Use of A.I. Soars, So Does the Energy and Water It Requires"

"Generative artificial intelligence uses massive amounts of energy for computation and data storage and billions of gallons of water to cool the equipment at data centers. Now, legislators and regulators — in the U.S. and the EU — are starting to demand accountability."

Source: YaleE360, 02/13/2024

Seafood Firm Wants To Farm Octopus. Activists Say They're Too Smart For That

"Octopuses are capable of sophisticated tasks, from solving puzzles to decorating their dens to remembering people's faces. So when a company in Spain announced that it wanted to commercially farm octopuses to harvest them for seafood, the plan sparked an uproar."

Source: NPR, 02/08/2024

"‘Symbol Of Polarisation’: EU Scraps Plans To Halve Use Of Pesticides"

"The European Commission is shelving plans to cut pesticide use and is taking the pressure off agriculture in its latest emissions recommendations, as farmers around Europe continue protests demanding higher prices for their products and an easing of EU environment rules."

Source: Guardian, 02/07/2024
March 31, 2024

DEADLINE: IJ4EU Fund for Cross-Border Investigative Journalism

Investigative Journalism for Europe is offering grants of up to €50,000 for investigative journalists seeking to collaborate across borders via two options: The Investigation Support Scheme and the Freelancer Support Scheme. Deadline is Mar 31, 2024.

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‘Carbon Colonialism’ Details the Exporting of Degradation, Climate Collapse

The climate change debate is often so focused on fossil fuels and mining that it ignores impacts in economic, political, neo-colonial and social terms, writes BookShelf’s Melody Kemp in her review of “Carbon Colonialism: How Rich Countries Export Climate Breakdown.” Why concepts like corporate social responsibility do little to stem the losses that come with such development.

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Rockets and Bombs and Chemicals — The Environmental Horrors of War

With the world in the midst of wars in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip, it’s time for journalists to appraise — and report on — the intersection of conflict and the environment, argues the new Backgrounder. That means considering the environment not only as a victim of war, but also as the cause of war and a means of carrying it out.

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"UN Expert Condemns UK Crackdown On Environmental Protest"

"A severe crackdown on environmental protest in Britain with “draconian” new laws, excessive restrictions on courtroom evidence and the use of civil injunctions is having a chilling impact on fundamental freedoms, the United Nations special rapporteur has said."

Source: Guardian, 01/24/2024


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