Water & Oceans

October 5, 2009 to October 8, 2009

10th Biennial Conference for Research on the Colorado Plateau

Conservation Issues for Rapidly Changing Western Landscapes
April 26, 2010 to April 28, 2010

Third International Invasive Sea Squirt Conference

Coastal Invaders Conference
Topics on the Beat: 

"Polluted Caves Endanger Water Supplies, Wildlife"

"Caves are home to some of the planet's most unusual creatures and important drinking water supplies. Now these underground resources are being polluted by surface activities, ranging from sewage spills to old factories. Experts call the problem 'extensive and serious.' Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, Crevice Cave in Missouri and Whispering Canyon Cave in Alaska are examples. 'People need to be aware that there’s a subterranean ecosystem and that what happens on the surface impacts these unique ecosystems in a very real way,' said David Culver, a biologist at American University."
Source: EHN, 09/08/2009


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