Environmental Justice

"In the Shadows of America's Smokestacks, Virus Is One More Deadly Risk"

"This isn’t the first time Vicki Dobbins’s town has been forced to shelter in place. Last year, the Marathon Petroleum refinery that looms over her neighborhood near Detroit emitted a pungent gas, causing nausea and dizziness among neighbors and prompting health officials to warn people to stay inside."

Source: NYTimes, 05/18/2020

Science and Health Officials Offer Sobering View of Reopening Readiness

"The scientists and public health officials who are leading the federal government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic on Tuesday painted a sobering picture of a country ill-prepared to reopen and contain the spread of the virus in the coming months."

Source: NYTimes, 05/14/2020

"States Sue Trump’s EPA Over Rule Relaxation During Pandemic"

"Nine states sued the Trump administration for allegedly abdicating its responsibility to enforce U.S. environmental laws during the pandemic, challenging a recent plan to relax enforcement due to worker shortages and travel restrictions stemming from the outbreak."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/14/2020

"Conservationists Sue Trump Administration Over Border Wall"

"A coalition of conservation groups is suing the Trump administration over its signature border wall, arguing that the transfer of military funds for the wall’s construction is unconstitutional and claiming that the administration did not have the right to waive certain environmental requirements."

Source: The Hill, 05/13/2020

Trump Falsely Claims COVID Numbers Are 'Going Down Almost Everywhere'

"President Donald Trump falsely claimed Monday that the coronavirus is abating in the U.S., despite data showing that the virus is on the rise in some states and a lack of testing leaves experts unsure about infection rates elsewhere."

Source: NBC News, 05/13/2020

Oil Firms That Bought Back Stock Got $15.5 Million In Coronavirus Funds

"At least two oil and gas firms that boosted investors' portfolios by buying back stock in 2019 received $15.5 million this year from a program designed to rescue small businesses gutted by the coronavirus pandemic."

Source: Washington Post, 05/13/2020

"EPA's Independent Science Board, Critics Push For Stronger Lead Rule"

"The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) proposal to address lead in water isn’t as aggressive as it could be, the agency’s independent science advisers, as well as outside groups, said Monday."

Source: The Hill, 05/12/2020


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