EPA'S BT Reregistration Decisions Due Soon

September 19, 2001

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  During the week of Sept. 24, 2001, EPA is scheduled to issue a final decision on whether to reregister Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt) plant pesticide applications for cotton. The deadline for corn applications is mid-October 2001. Public comments are not yet available on EPA's Web site. EPA background info. EPA press: Dave Deegan, 202-564-7839.

Some Bt critics say EPA's brief economic review has not considered the potential closure of foreign markets to Bt products, which are viewed skeptically in some parts of the world. Safer Food-Safer Farms Campaign: Bill Freese, 301-985-3011. EPA contends that the companies involved should anticipate such economic impacts.

Safer Food-Safer Farms also notes that some pertinent studies and reviews of Bt crops have yet to be completed. The Natl. Toxicology Program is supporting a conference on "Assessment of Allergenic Potential of Genetically Modified Foods," Sept. 24-26, 2001, Durham, NC. NTP: Angie Sanders, 919-541-0530.


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