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September 8, 2021

  • Recent images of flooded-out homes are a potent reminder to environmental reporters that where and how houses are built are major factors in how they will survive increasingly common extreme weather-related flooding. The latest TipSheet takes a look at how construction and zoning codes play a role, with story ideas and resources to cover the issue in your region.

  • Carbon capture and storage technology has been around for years, but is being repositioned as a way to continue using fossil fuels in the face of climate change. Backgrounder takes a close look at how it works, its history and its politics. But even as the technology is taken up by Congress, the question is: Does the math add up?

  • Longtime energy and environment journalist Elizabeth McGowan traveled to southeast Kentucky to shine a light on efforts to diversify Appalachia’s longtime coal-based economy. In FEJ StoryLog, McGowan shares how her on-the-ground reporting approach, funded in part by the Society of Environmental Journalists’ Fund for Environmental Journalism, yielded not only a powerful story, but insights into overcoming its challenges.

August 25, 2021

  • High-impact environmental stories often come by tracking polluted air, whether from summer smog, wildfire smoke or numerous other sources. Reporter’s Toolbox offers a series of air pollution data reporting resources, including an interactive map of U.S. air quality monitors. Get the details, plus eight smart suggestions for critical stories from the air pollution data you tap.

  • Prize-winning journalist Tony Bartelme and his local news team enter one of the East Coast’s largest, but lesser known estuaries, and come out with an account that awards judges called “gorgeously executed in the best tradition of storytelling about the environment.” Bartelme shares lessons of covering the challenges of an amorphous ecosystem, and touches on his long record of award-winning reporting, in the latest Inside Story.

  • SEJournal has a new face  — that of just-hired Associate Editor Frances Backhouse, a long-standing member of the Society of Environmental Journalists, and a veteran freelancer and author based in Canada. Backhouse will work with the SEJournal’s staff and volunteer editor team to bring in new features from volunteer contributors with journalistic and environmental expertise to share. Meet Backhouse and find out more about her role at the weekly online magazine.

  • Slashed news budgets and staff cuts have left many U.S. newsrooms short on time and resources for deep reporting on climate change and other complex topics. But two innovative projects at The Post and Courier in South Carolina — one enriching breaking news stories and the other fostering news outlet cooperation — aim at filling the void. Acclaimed journalist Tony Bartelme explains.

August 11, 2021

  • For years, public information about some of the deadliest chemical security risks has been limited. But now that the Biden EPA is exploring the issue, our latest WatchDog opinion column explains why this is such an important open information issue for environmental reporters and other journalists.

  • A new science assessment released this week pinpoints more global warming risks, but also represents reporting challenges to environmental journalists working to cover climate change. Veteran climate journalist Bob Berwyn has the latest news from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and advice for reporters working the climate beat. Plus, links to other climate change reporting resources.

July 28, 2021

  • People all too often swim in waters whose pollution risks are far scarier — and far more real — than shark attacks. Yet little attention is paid to the environmental stories behind the beach closures such pollution can necessitate. TipSheet helps you dip your toe, with the backstory on the most common cause for these health risks, plus reporting resources.