Grease-Proof Food Packaging Containing PFAS Is No Longer Being Sold: FDA

"Grease-proof food wrappers being sold in the U.S. will no longer contain toxic “forever chemicals” the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced on Wednesday.

Jim Jones, the FDA’s Deputy Commissioner for Human Foods, said in a written statement that food packaging manufacturers are no longer selling wrappers containing substances known as PFAS.

The statement did not address whether restaurants will continue to use already-purchased packaging that contains PFAS.

The FDA did not immediately respond to questions from The Hill about this or about how large the existing stockpile is that restaurants may still be going through."

Rachel Frazin reports for The Hill February 28, 2024.


"PFAS Chemicals To Be Phased Out Of Food Packaging. Here’s How To Avoid Them." (Washington Post)

Source: The Hill, 02/29/2024