Republicans Mobilize For Showdown To Block Biden Infrastructure Plan

"A defining political clash took shape Sunday over Joe Biden's latest effort to reshape the US economy, with Republicans mobilizing against a massive infrastructure plan that could put the President in historic Democratic company."

Source: CNN, 04/08/2021

"EPA Chief Vows Tougher Tailpipe Rules by July, Unwinding Trump’s"

"The Biden administration is on track to propose by the end of July new limits on the emission of greenhouse gases from automobiles that are strong enough to meet “the urgency of the climate crisis,” according to EPA Administrator Michael Regan."

Source: Bloomberg, 04/07/2021

Can Biden Change America's Preference For Cars Over Trains and Buses?

"If America is dominated by car culture and the call of the open road, there is a big reason for that: Over the past 65 years, the United States has spent nearly $10 trillion in public funds on highways and roads, and just a quarter of that on subways, buses and passenger rail."

Source: NYTimes, 04/06/2021


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