"Crime Scene Cleanup" in Kelly AFB Toxics Case

June 3, 2009

Plumes of toxic groundwater carry cancer-causing chemicals far beyond their origin at Kelly Air Force Base on the outskirts of San Antonio, TX — possibly endangering residents of some 20,000 homes. Controversy has raged for years over the degree of hazard they present.

Many official studies have been inconclusive, but the House Science Committee in a March 2009 hearing blasted the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, which is supposed to protect communities in cases like this.
Now Greg M. Schwartz reveals, in a feature piece in San Antonio's alt-paper, the Current, that: "a cancer expert hired in 2006 to analyze data from the Toxic Triangle was threatened with legal action if he spoke about his results. His report, released to the Current this month by the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District, argues that the Air Force’s toxic legacy may indeed be responsible for some of the neighborhoods’ health problems."
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