"Report Details Lead Contamination In Water At St. Louis Schools"

"ST. LOUIS -- Water samples from 16 schools in the city school system contained lead levels that exceeded those most commonly found in homes in Flint, Mich., after a contamination crisis there, according to results released Thursday by an environmental engineering company.

In several schools, including Fanning Middle School, Langston Middle School and Gallaudet Elementary, multiple sources produced water samples with lead levels four to five times higher.

Results from the districtwide water testing effort were presented to the public at the Special Administrative Board meeting. Within minutes, the three-member board unanimously approved up to $1 million to eliminate the contamination. District staff have begun replacing the sinks, drinking fountains, and pipes causing the contamination."

Elisa Crouch and Blythe Bernhard report for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch August 26, 2016.

Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 08/26/2016