"Report: Children's Exposure To Toxic Chemicals Costs Michigan Billions"

"Lansing -- Michigan could save billions annually by protecting children from exposure to environmental hazards, according to a study released today.

The report released by an Ann Arbor-based coalition of health and environmental groups examined direct and indirect costs of four childhood diseases linked to environmental toxicants: lead poisoning, asthma, pediatric cancer and neurodevelopmental disorders.

The study found treating those disorders costs Michigan an average of $5.85 billion each year. If all diseases with an environmental link were included, the number would be higher.

The report was released by the Michigan Network for Children's Environmental Health, a coalition of health and environmental organizations, and the Ecology Center, a nonprofit environmental organization. This is the first-ever study of the cost of environmentally related pediatric diseases for Michigan, according to the Ann Arbor-based groups."

Karen Bouffard reports for the Detroit News July 26, 2010.


Source: Detroit News, 07/27/2010