Refinery Proposed Next To Theodore Roosevelt Natl. Park Raises Concerns

"While falling oil prices have slowed production from North Dakota's oil and natural gas fields, a company sees that lull as the perfect opportunity to build a crude oil refinery in the state.

However, its proposed location just three miles from Theodore Roosevelt National Park has raised concerns from the National Park Service and conservation groups about how it will impact the park.

At Meridian Energy Group, Inc., the California company behind the $850 million refinery that could process 55,000 barrels of crude a day at full capacity, officials claim their proposed Davis Refinery would be "the cleanest plant ever built."

Others think it's a plant that should never be built in its proposed location."

Kurt Repanshek reports for National Parks Traveller April 17, 2016.

Source: National Parks Traveler, 04/19/2016