Norway And Sami People End Dispute Over Europe’s Largest Onshore Wind Farm

"COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Norway on Wednesday reached an agreement with the Sami people, ending a nearly three-year dispute over Europe’s largest onshore wind farm and the Indigenous right to raise reindeer.

Under the agreement, the partially state-owned farm’s 151 turbines stay in operation. Energy Minister Terje Aasland said the deal includes “a future-oriented solution that safeguards the reindeer farming rights.”

The agreement also has compensation for the Sami — including a share of energy produced — along with a new area for winter grazing and a grant of 5 million kroner ($473,000) for strengthening Sami culture.

The speaker of the 39-seat Sami Parliament, Silje Karine Mutoka, said “there is reason to believe that the violation of human rights has been brought to an end, and that the agreement lays a foundation for the violation of human rights to be repaired.”"

The Associated Press had the story March 6, 2024.


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Source: AP, 03/07/2024