"No, A Tanker Full Of Fossil Fuels Isn’t 'Carbon Neutral.'"

"Shell recently announced a special 'carbon neutral' shipment of fracked gas to Europe. Although there's nothing unique about the liquified natural gas, Shell and its supplier, Cheniere, are somehow marketing the shipping of fossil fuels as carbon neutral. You can't make this up.

In an article published by Salon, the author analyzed Shell's shenanigans and those of a few other corporations that are practically pulling the strings of government in order to continue to produce fossil fuels that are still heating up our planet.

The article pointed out that this isn't the only time the fossil fuel industry has marketed shipping fossil fuels as carbon neutral. Occidental Petroleum sold a shipload of crude oil while claiming it was 100% 'carbon neutral.'"

Johnna Crider reports for CleanTechnica July 7, 2021.


"Big Oil Wants You To Believe A Tanker Full Of Fossil Fuel Can Be 'Carbon Neutral'" (Salon)

Source: CleanTechnica, 07/08/2021