"How To Get Into The Hottest Clubs In L.A. County — Community Gardens"

"They are some of the most exclusive clubs in town. Some people wait up to two years to become dues-paying members. And no, it’s not the swanky Jonathan Club or hip SoHo House — it’s your local community garden.

About 100 community gardens exist in Los Angeles County, according to the L.A. Community Garden Council, with thousands more around the U.S. A North Carolina State University Agriculture College podcast estimated that “the average community garden generates 20 servings of fresh produce per 11 square feet and can lower household food security concerns by 90%.”

Community gardens can be traced back to “potato patch farms in Michigan in the midst of the recession of 1894,” according to an article in the MIT Press Reader. In times of need, people have found community, nutrition and solace in gardening for a very long time."

Emma Fox reports for the Los Angeles Times August 25, 2023.

Source: LA Times, 08/28/2023