"Grid Watchdog’s Extreme Weather Plan Splits Electricity Industry"

"Companies that produce power and grid operators that deliver it are at odds over response to deep freezes."

"As extreme weather threats to the grid accelerate, the nation’s electric power industry is arguing over how to protect the public against severe freezes that have cut off power for millions of customers the past two winters.

Operators of the seven U.S. regional power networks and markets asked federal regulators to reject a proposed cold weather protection standard submitted by North American Electric Reliability (NERC) — and require faster compliance and clearer requirements.

The split between the companies that produce power and the grid operators who deliver it highlights growing tension in the electricity sector over the clean energy transition and recent failures of natural gas generation to operate in extreme weather."

Peter Behr reports for E&E News March 27, 2024.

Source: E&E News, 03/29/2024