FERC Blames Texas Energy Policies For Severity Of February Blackouts

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released some findings on Thursday from an investigation into February’s deadly winter storm and blackouts. Regulators faulted Texas energy policy for much of the disaster."

"The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Thursday released the preliminary findings of an investigation into February’s deadly winter storm and blackouts. Texas was, by far, the state hit hardest by the crisis, a fact FERC commissioners squarely blamed on the state's energy policies.

The investigation, a joint inquiry by FERC and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, had two major goals. One, to explain what happened to cause widespread power outages. Two, to recommend policies to stop it from happening again.

Those policy recommendations include proposals to better winterize power plants to withstand cold weather, and improve planning and communication between electric generators and grid operators.

FERC recommended similar reforms after a winter storm caused blackouts 10 years ago. But those proposals weren't enforced in Texas, where this year's storm left millions in the dark for days."

Mose Buchele |reports for Houston Public Media (KUT) September 23, 2021.   


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Source: Houston Public Media, 09/24/2021