"Environmental Groups Call For Postponement Of Climate Talks"

"LONDON — A coalition of environmental groups has called for a pivotal climate conference to be postponed amid concern that many of those most affected by global warming won’t be able to attend because of the continuing threat from COVID-19.

Campaigners said Tuesday that organizers hadn’t done enough to ensure broad participation in the event by providing access to vaccines and defraying the rising cost of travel for people from developing nations, many of which are subject to British government travel restrictions. The UN climate summit, known as COP26, is scheduled for Oct. 31-Nov. 12 in Scotland.

“Our concern is that those countries most deeply affected by the climate crisis and those countries suffering from the lack of support by rich nations in providing vaccines will be left out of the talks,” said Tasneem Essop, executive director of Climate Action Network, which includes 1,500 groups in 130 countries. “There has always been an inherent power imbalance within the U.N. climate talks and this is now compounded by the health crisis.’’"

Danica Kirka reports for the Associated Press September 7, 2021.


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Source: AP, 09/08/2021