Climate Scientists, Mothers, Urge Americans To Act

"The ad opens with two apple-cheeked little girls hiking, camping and taking their wobbly first turns on skis. A mother speaks about her children’s future with worry in her voice. You brace yourself for the inevitable pitch to buy life insurance or an SUV.

Instead, the ad, which will debut this week in the swing states of Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin, is one of the most sophisticated and well-funded efforts to spread the word on the urgency of climate change in a decade.

It’s part of a $10-million campaign that will put climate scientists who are mothers in the living rooms of families across the country so they can speak to parents like them. The campaign, called “Science Moms,” will include TV and digital advertising and will also run in Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida.

It will tailor its message to mothers in particular, who polling data suggest are more concerned than the general public about the catastrophic effects of climate change."

Anna M. Phillips reports for the Los Angeles Times January 12, 2021.

Source: LA Times, 01/13/2021