"California Derailed Its Booming Rooftop Solar Buildout. Can It Be Fixed?"

"Over the past year, California regulators have kneecapped small-scale solar needed to hit the state’s climate goals. These lawmakers are trying to bring it back."

"California state Senator Josh Becker is worried that the Golden State is undermining a pillar of its clean energy transition: distributed solar power.

Though California has more large-scale solar and battery projects than just about any other state, smaller-scale energy — primarily rooftop solar — has contributed nearly as much to its energy transition to date. But over the past year, a string of utility-backed decisions from the California Public Utilities Commission have come ​“dangerously close to discouraging much-needed distributed energy in this state,” Becker, a Democrat, said.

That’s why he — and a growing number of California politicians — are proposing legislation to reverse that trend."

Jeff St. John reports for Canary Media April 15, 2024.


"California’s Rooftop Solar Policies Threaten Progress On Climate" (Canary Media)

Source: Canary Media, 04/17/2024