"After More Than A Year, Trump Still Doesn’t Have A Science Adviser"

"CAMBRIDGE — When the Ebola virus began sweeping through West Africa four years ago, killing thousands of people and threatening to spread beyond the continent, President Obama turned to his science adviser for options.

Presidents before him have sought the counsel of White House science advisers to build atomic weapons, seek cures for cancer, and devise policies to oversee research into stem cells, cloning, and the human genome.

President Trump, however, appears in no rush to follow suit. More than a year after taking office, Trump has yet to appoint a science adviser — longer than any other president since World War II, when Franklin D. Roosevelt created the position to receive technical, apolitical advice."

David Abel reports for the Boston Globe February 13, 2018.


"Trump’s Science Advisor, Age 31, Has a Political Science Degree" (E&E News)

Source: Boston Globe, 02/16/2018