SEJ Election 2021: Candidate Statements


This election is to fill four Active-category seats on the Board of Directors for three-year terms, plus one Active-category seat for a two-year term, and the Associate-category seat for a three-year term. Seats up for election this year are currently held by Associate representative Jennifer Bogo and Active Representatives Judy Fahys, Emily Gertz, Rico Moore, Luke Runyon and Meera Subramanian.

Only Active- and Associate-category members who were in good standing as of August 16 are eligible to vote. In good standing means you (1) meet the conditions set in SEJ member eligibility policies and (2) have paid all dues or fees owed to SEJ.

Candidate Statements, Active Category:

Tony Barboza
Sam Eaton
Rocky Kistner
Douglas Main
Rico Moore
Luke Runyon
Mark Schapiro

Candidate Statements, Associate Category:

Jennifer Bogo
Gavin Smith