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Environmental Journalism 2019

The 29th Annual Conference of the Society of Environmental Journalists in Fort Collins, Colorado, officially began Wednesday, October 9, 2019, with an opening reception followed by dinner and programs.


Wednesday, October 9
Thursday, October 10
Friday, October 11
Saturday, October 12
Sunday, October 13

Before the official kick-off, three all-day workshops were held, as well as an afternoon meet-and-greet with fun networking opportunities.

Please note: SEJ is committed to supporting a harassment-free environment at the conference. Please read our anti-harassment policy.

Most sessions were audio-recorded and are posted on our conference coverage page. It’s critically important to SEJ to gather evidence on the impact of our work. So we’re tracking stories inspired by or informed by our conference in Fort Collins. The stories don’t have to be about Fort Collins; they can be based on sources or ideas you got from being at the conference. Please help us to keep SEJ strong and share links, photos, copies of reporting generated or informed by this conference. It’s never too late to add yours — send your story links to Cindy MacDonald, SEJ’s Web content manager.

  • Download the Program Agenda Booklet (3.8 MB). Note: There were changes to both agenda and logistics since the agenda booklet was printed. Refer to the web agenda links for the correct information.
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