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Attendees mingle before the opening reception. Click to enlarge. © Photo courtesy of Cindy MacDonald.


SEJ's 26th annual conference, September 21-25, 2016, took place at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Sacramento, California, hosted by Capital Public Radio and the University of California, Davis. Below, you'll find session-by-session multimedia coverage provided by SEJ, volunteers and conference attendees.


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Wednesday, September 21
Thursday, September 22
Friday, September 23
Saturday, September 24
Sunday, September 25
Miscellaneous conference coverage and local news


Wednesday, September 21


All-Day Journalism Workshop, Power Sector in the Hot Seat: Challenges, Opportunities and Goals for Reducing Carbon Emissions


Opening Reception and Dinner



California Gov. Jerry Brown at Society of Environmental Journalists Meeting, Sacramento, Sept. 21, 2016. Click to enlarge.

© Photo courtesy of Dennis Dimick


Helene Dillard, Dean, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis. Click to enlarge.

© Photo courtesy of Cindy MacDonald










Eldridge Moores, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Structural Geology and Tectonics, Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Davis. Click to enlarge: Quotation (L). Relief map (R). © Photos courtesy of Cindy MacDonald










Thursday, September 22


Tour 3, Bodega Bay: Boats, Buoys and Bivalves



Janet Raloff, Science News for Kids editor, interviews from the captain's chair at the Bodega Bay Coast Guard station.  © Photo courtesy of Cheryl Hogue.



Tour 4, Mercury Pollution, Wildfire and Fault Line Impacts on Lake Berryessa




Tour 7, Water Is for Fighting: Drought, Water Supply and Climate Change




Tour 8, Kayaking California’s Imperiled Inland Sea


Attendees Facebook-lived the kayak tour. (Access requires membership in SEJ and SEJ's members-only Facebook group. Not a member? Join SEJ.)



Tour 9, California: The Clean Energy Proving Ground




Friday, September 23


Breakfast Session 1, Moving Target: Preparing Students for an Evolving Profession


Breakfast Session 2, Forest Wildfire Legislation: Do We Need To Control Wildfire?


Opening Plenary, The Environmental Bellwether State: What Happens in California Doesn’t Stay in California

L-R: John Laird, Bob Perciasepe, James Connaughton, Mary Nichols and moderator Joe Barr. © Photo courtesy of Karen Schaefer.


Concurrent Sessions 1, THE CRAFT 1, Survival Journalism: How To Do More Faster


Concurrent Sessions 1, CLIMATE AND AIR, Capping It Off: US and Canada Tackle Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Market Trading


Concurrent Sessions 1, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND JUSTICE, Toxic Tradeoffs: Eliminating Harmful Ingredients, Avoiding Regrettable Substitutes


Concurrent Sessions 1, WATER, Water in a Time of Scarcity: Adapting to Drought


Concurrent Sessions 1, ENERGY AND LAND, Renewable Energy on Public Lands


Concurrent Sessions 1, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, Food Security and Public Health: Causes, Consequences and Responses


Concurrent Sessions 1, OCEANS AND GLOBE, Crimes Against Nature: Law and Disorder from the Deep Forests to the High Seas


Celebrating Environmental Journalism Luncheon


Concurrent Sessions 2, THE CRAFT 1, Lessons from Flint: Environmental Journalists Explore Their Options Following the Poisoning of a City

Moderator Emilia Askari, Ron Fonger, Curt Guyette, Christina Devine and Bruce Lanphear. © Photo courtesy of Douglas Fischer.


Concurrent Sessions 2, THE CRAFT 2, EJ Reporting: Don't Forget the Science


Concurrent Sessions 2, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND JUSTICE, Expanding the Environmental Justice Battlefront

Concurrent Sessions 2, ENERGY AND LAND, Living with Fire

Concurrent Sessions 2, OCEANS AND GLOBE, What's New on the Blue Beat?



Saturday, September 24


Concurrent Sessions 3, THE CRAFT 1, Data Journalism 101: Mining Databases


Concurrent Sessions 3, THE CRAFT 2, Communicating Climate Change

  • Audio file (00:41:44 / 33.4MB). Note: Much of this panel is missing — panelists gave Powerpoint presentations and did not use the microphone. The audio has been edited to remove much of the missing audio.
  • Event description.


Concurrent Sessions 3, CLIMATE AND AIR, Transformational Transportation and Energy Policies

© Photo courtesy of Dale Willman.


Concurrent Sessions 3, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND JUSTICE, After the Disaster: Whose Lives Matter?

Far right: Priyali Sur. © Photo courtesy of Dale Willman.


Concurrent Sessions 3, WATER, Trouble at the Tap: Does America's Safe Drinking Water Act Have Our Back?


Concurrent Sessions 3, ENERGY AND LAND, What’s Shaking with Earthquake Science — And Why You Need To Know About It


Concurrent Sessions 3, OCEANS AND GLOBE, Restoring the Deep and the Shoreline


Concurrent Sessions 4, THE CRAFT 1, Data Journalism 102: Drones, Satellites and Other Hi-tech Tools


Concurrent Sessions 4, THE CRAFT 2, 2016 Elections: A Pivotal Moment for U.S. on Climate Change


Concurrent Sessions 4, CLIMATE AND AIR, Innovating with Nature: Ecosystem-based Adaptation to Climate Risk


Concurrent Sessions 4, ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND JUSTICE, Indigenous Rights and the Environment

L-R: Peggy Berryhill, Eric Wilder, Caleen Sisk, Morningstar Gali (and daughter). © Photo courtesy of Dale Willman.


Concurrent Sessions 4, WATER, Clean Water Act Rumble

  • Audio file (01:25:09 / 40.8MB). (Note: First speaker, after moderator's session intro, is almost inaudible, beginning ~3:09; volume picks up again ~9:00)
  • Event description.


Concurrent Sessions 4, ENERGY AND LAND, The New Energy Infrastructure


Concurrent Sessions 4, FOOD AND AGRICULTURE, What Is Sustainable Agriculture?


Concurrent Sessions 4, OCEANS AND GLOBE, California's Marine Reserves: After 10 Years Are There Unexpected Surprises?


Lunch Plenary, Can Technology Save the Planet? A Discussion with Innovators and Ecologists

L-R: Moderator Chris Joyce, Mary Ruckelshaus, Daniel Sperling, Deb Frodl. © Photo courtesy of Dale Willman.


Mini-Tour 4, Beer, Wine, Milk and More


Mini-Tour 6, Railyard Renaissance and the New (Green) Golden 1 Center



Baba Brinkman entertains SEJ conference attendees. Photo courtesy of Dale Willman. Click to enlarge.

Tastings and Tales and Dinner and Dancing

  • Audio file of Baba Brinkman rapping freestyle during our evening event at UC Davis' Good Life Garden (00:06:59 / 9.7MB).
  • Event description.




Sunday, September 25


Post-Conference Tour, Tall Trees and the Range of Light

The post-conference tour group went to Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon national parks. Click on either photo for a larger version.

Halstead Meadow, recently restored in Sequoia National Park. © Photos courtesy of Jane Braxton Little.



Miscellaneous conference coverage and local news