Non-Member Protocol for SEJ Annual Conferences

See if you’re eligible to join SEJ.

The Society of Environmental Journalists' annual conference is organized "by journalists, for journalists" so SEJ only accepts conference session proposals from members of SEJ and Full Members of The Uproot Project. If you are not a member, you can still get involved:

  1. You or your colleagues might be able to join SEJ so check whether you are eligible first.
  2. If not, you can work with an SEJ member to develop and propose a session. The member must agree to be the panel organizer and/or moderator, and only the member can submit the proposal. However, you can assist them with the logistics, speaker invitations, travel support, etc.
  3. After sessions have been announced in January, check the agenda. If you'd like to suggest speakers for sessions, you can send them to Conference Director Jay Letto, who will decide whether to share the suggestions with the panel organizer, or reach out directly to the panel organizer if you prefer.
  4. Sponsor, exhibit or advertise at the conference. SEJ offers a suite of opportunities, including exhibit tables, independent hospitality receptions and ad space at the conference to showcase your research or products or expertise as you see best. For details, contact

Jay Letto
Conference Director
Society of Environmental Journalists
509-493-4428 (West Coast)