Climate Modeling Alliance's GriddingMachine, launched in August 2022, is a database and software for sharing global datasets. It provides a way for journalists to more easily reuse public datasets.

"The ever increasing amount of data, various data formats, and different data layouts are increasing the time spent on handling data—before getting ready for scientific analysis. While the intention of sharing data is to facilitate their broad use and promote research, the increasing fragmentation makes it harder to find and access the data.

GriddingMachine aims to minimize the effort involved in reusing data by:

  • Collecting data from various sources,
  • Processing the data to a uniform format (NetCDF),
  • Storing the reprocessed data on public servers, and
  • Providing APIs to automatically download, manage, and read the data in multiple programming languages.

Each dataset is labeled with a unique tag that describes:

  • Type of the dataset (e.g., leaf area index, biomass, etc.),
  • Spatial resolution (e.g., 5X means 0.2° × 0.2° grid),
  • Temporal resolution (e.g., 1Y means 1 year, 1M means 1 month),
  • Year of the data, and
  • Version of the data (from different publications)."

Read more about the GriddingMachine here.

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