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Diversity Fellowships
2015 Application Instructions


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Imelda Abano, Philippine Network of Environmental Journalists and former SEJ board member.

The Society of Environmental Journalists invites applications for 2015 conference fellowships to attend Environmental Journalism 2015, SEJ's 25th Annual Conference, sponsored and hosted by the University of Oklahoma and the National Weather Center October 7-11, 2015.

Tues. July 15, 11:59 PM, your local time


Native American, Asian, Black, First Nation and Latino journalists who are either SEJ members or are eligible for membership in SEJ.

SEJ membership is open to journalists, and students and faculty at an accredited school or university. Those whose professional work includes public relations on environmental issues, or lobbying for environmental issues, are not eligible for membership in SEJ. For more information about eligibility, see SEJ's Bylaws and Membership Policies.


Environmental journalist Divya Abhat (left) and Rhitu Chatterjee, PRI's The World, attending SEJ's 2008 annual conference in Roanoke, VA.                                                                  © Kate Lutz


  • Full conference registration (including tours and other extra-fee events)
  • $400 travel stipend to help with hotel and airfare/ground transportation
  • A year of membership in SEJ



Winners will be announced Fri., Aug. 7.
Additional Fellows will be announced and stipend levels could be raised through the summer as additional funding for the program becomes available. You can help! See below.

What SEJ needs from winners:

• 500-word article about your SEJ conference experience
• Report on any media coverage you do or plan to do about the conference

SEJ also hopes you'll share, post, blog and tweet throughout the conference, and stay plugged into the SEJ community during your membership. And of course we hope you'll stay with SEJ after your first year finishes.




Be prepared to upload a resume that includes your work qualifications and links to samples of your journalism work. (PDF, .doc or .docx)

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Tues. July 15, 2015, 11:59 PM, your local time

L-R: Huffington Post's Kate Sheppard, an SEJ board member; Dingaan Mithi, Journalists Association Against AIDS (Malawi); and Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka, Conservation Through Public Health, Uganda's Bwindi Forest at the 2013 Chattanooga conference.


The purpose of this program is to advance diverse participation and networking in SEJ and enrich future reporting on land use, water, energy, climate change and dozens of other topics on the five-day agenda , with hundreds of journalists and hundreds of sources. This opportunity has been made possible by the Turner Foundation,  the Wyss Foundation, the University of Oklahoma and generous members and friends of SEJ.

Please help SEJ increase funding for this program!  Give now. Recommend and share this link with donors and sponsors. Expand the SEJ network.   

Questions? Contact Jeanne Scanlon, associate for SEJ programs and development, at jscanlon@sej.org.  Thanks!