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December 28, 2018 — I help inform the world about pressing environmental issues. And I owe my career to the Society of Environmental Journalists.

I got my first freelance assignment from a connection I made at an SEJ conference. That assignment, and many others for Popular Mechanics, helped me land a job at Climate Central covering national stories. Then, when I was laid off, it was another SEJ connection that helped me get a meeting — at another SEJ conference — with my future editor at Bloomberg Environment in Washington, D.C.

Many of our members have similar stories of how SEJ has made a difference in their careers — and their lives. Not everyone got a job out of it, like me, but SEJ has opened them up to new friends, new ideas, new sources and new experiences.

Your email inbox is probably full of fundraising appeals. You should have received several from SEJ, and for good reason. We need your help to meet our goal of improving the public understanding of environmental issues.

Your donations help produce more and better coverage, supporting SEJ’s Fund for Environmental Journalism, which helps reporters track down stories across the globe. Your donations support our Freedom of Information Task Force, which advocates for press freedom. They help publish SEJournal, tipsheets and other resources to educate journalists and the public. And they help us put on our annual conference, where so many journalists can come together and learn what it takes to make our coverage better.

Please support SEJ this holiday season. We need more SEJ success stories like mine, so we can tell more of the world’s most important stories.

Bobby Magill — SEJ President


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