"Pink Salmon Could Prosper In Warmer Arctic, New Study Finds"

"Scientists like to say that climate change is creating winners and losers in Alaska: Some species will struggle, while others could benefit from warmer habitats.

One of those climate change winners could be pink salmon in the Arctic, according to a new paper published by U.S. and Canadian scientists in a journal called Deep Sea Research Part II.

The study provides new evidence that global warming could produce higher numbers of pink salmon in the region, by making previously too-cold rivers and streams more hospitable for spawning.

The findings bolster reports by Alaska subsistence fishermen that the species’ numbers have been increasing as the Arctic warms at more than double the rate of the rest of the globe."

Nathaniel Herz reports for Alaska's Energy Desk September 7, 2020.


Source: Alaska Public Media, 09/08/2020