Nebraska: "Chicken Plant Raises Environmental Concerns"

"Hundreds of construction workers will be put to work in Fremont over the next couple summers building a massive $275 million facility for producing broiler chickens, and the utility lines and roads to serve it, as well as upgrading the city’s water treatment plant.

“There is going to be so much construction in Fremont I would say you’re going to have five or six hundred construction workers in town between our projects,” Fremont Interim City Manager Brian Newton said during a recent interview.

“This is a massive windfall not only for Fremont, but for the state.”

Yet that potential economic boon also has hatched concerns over how adding 17 million chickens to the region’s already abundant livestock population could harm waterways, quality of life and drinking water."

Nicholas Bergin reports for the Lincoln Journal Star January 1, 2017.

Source: Lincoln Journal Star, 01/03/2017