"‘Megadrought’ Along Border Strains US-Mexico Water Relations"

"There's simply not enough water to go around as the region buckles under stress of climate change."

"The United States and Mexico are tussling over their dwindling shared water supplies after years of unprecedented heat and insufficient rainfall.

Sustained drought on the middle-lower Rio Grande since the mid-1990s means less Mexican water flows to the US. The Colorado River Basin, which supplies seven US states and two Mexican states, is also at record low levels.

A 1944 treaty between the US and Mexico governs water relations between the two neighbors. The International Boundary and Water Commission it established to manage the 450,000-square-mile Colorado and Rio Grande basins has done so adroitly, according to our research."

Robert Gabriel Varady, Andrea K. Gerlak , and Stephen Paul Mumme report for The Conversation/Earth Island Journal July 5, 2021.

Source: The Conversation, 07/07/2021