"Hundreds of Volunteers Work To Save Stranded Whales in Keys"

"KEY LARGO -- Since the first plea for help came over a Keys radio station, hundreds of volunteers have worked around the clock to save pilot whales that mysteriously stranded themselves in shallow waters.

The massive effort, now entering its third week, includes veterinarians, retirees, college kids, a paraplegic, two-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Steve Lundquist and blockbuster filmmaker Jon Landau of Titanic and Avatar fame.

Some volunteers have worked shifts as long as 40 hours. Occupational therapist Brenda Ewer and her boyfriend Brad Azar postponed their “cruising” to the Bahamas on a trimaran to run a makeshift kitchen to feed the weary volunteers."

Cammy Clark reports for the Miami Herald May 24, 2011.

Source: Miami Herald, 05/24/2011