"Final Verdict On Oroville Dam: 'Long-Term Systemic Failure'"

"Citing a 'long-term systemic failure' at the California Department of Water Resources, independent forensic investigators released their final report Friday on the nearly-catastrophic emergency last February at Oroville Dam.

In a 584-page dissection of the disaster at America's tallest dam, the investigative team said Oroville Dam was designed and built with flaws from the beginning, which were exacerbated by inadequate repairs in the years that followed.

'Due to the unrecognized inherent vulnerability of the design and as-constructed conditions and the chute slab deterioration, the spillway chute slab failure, although inevitable, was unexpected,' the panel report."

Dale Kasler reports for the Sacramento Bee January 5, 2018.


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Source: Sacramento Bee, 01/08/2018