"EPA Watchdog Warns About Data ‘Vulnerabilities’"

"“Left uncorrected, the EPA’s network is more vulnerable to threat actors,” the agency’s inspector general said."

"EPA’s internal watchdog is warning the agency is at risk of cyberattacks because of lax controls for its data.

EPA’s Office of Inspector General released two reports Tuesday regarding the agency’s handling of data collected from companies as well as states and tribes on air, chemical and water pollution.

Security for EPA’s Central Data Exchange must be upheld because if penetrated, consequences could be catastrophic for the agency’s operations."

Kevin Bogardus reports for E&E News March 5, 2024.


"Lack of Vulnerability Remediation for Weaknesses Identified Within the Central Data Exchange System Increases the Risk of Cyberattacks" (EPA OIG)

"Central Data Exchange System Identity Data Are Unreliable" (EPA OIG)

Source: E&E News, 03/06/2024