"ENVIRONMENT-MEXICO: Green Areas to the Highest Bidder"

"MEXICO CITY -- Activists in Mexico complain that the deforestation threatening the environmental health of Mexico has been accentuated by the granting of public areas to private companies.

A recent case involves a plan by the government of the state of Nuevo León to hand over 26 hectares next to the La Pastora park in the city of Monterrey to FEMSA, the largest soft drink and beer company in Mexico, whose brewery division was acquired by Dutch brewing company Heineken in a deal in January.

The land is to be used to build a football stadium with a capacity for 50,000 people.

The plan, backed by the government of the northeastern state of Nuevo León, has run up against opposition from environmentalists, who are preparing for a lengthy political and legal battle. "

Emilio Godoy reports for Inter Press Service March 8, 2010.

Source: IPS, 03/09/2010