"The Ecologist Championing Britain’s Ancient Forests"

"Ted Green, a conservation adviser to the crown estate at Windsor, has a provocative take on our ‘living heritage’".

"Ted Green is a rebel. He calls sheep “land maggots”. A horse-riding centre is “a dog-food complex”. And the ancient tree expert’s new book includes a photo of him sticking up two fingers at a portrait of Margaret Thatcher.

But the influential, iconoclastic Green, 89, who has lived his whole life around Windsor Great Park and still works as a conservation adviser for the crown estate, is also a staunch advocate for King Charles’s protection of Britain’s unique trove of ancient trees.

Taking the Guardian on a grand tour of Windsor Great Park, which contains one of the greatest concentrations of old oaks in the world, Green says the king is not only conserving these irreplaceable, uniquely biodiverse living monuments but their genetics in the next generation of ancient trees.

We pass through private gates where he once trespassed, and Green points to King Offa’s oak, a spectacularly stout and sprawling oak which could be 1,300 years old."

Patrick Barkham reports for the Guardian January 1, 2024.


"‘Jewel Of Britain’s Nature Crown’: Plan To Restore Rainforest Welcomed By Campaigners" (Guardian)

Source: Guardian, 01/03/2024