"Dozens of Canada’s First Nations Lack Drinking Water: ‘Unacceptable’"

"Indigenous leaders are suing the Canadian government for not providing clean water – and ministers admit they have failed"

"Curve Lake First Nation, a forested community in southern Canada, is surrounded on three sides by fresh water.

But for decades, residents have been unable to safely make use of it. Wary of crumbling infrastructure and waterborne illness, the community instead relies on shipments of bottled water. The community’s newly elected chief, aged 34, has lived her whole life without the guarantee of clean water flowing from the tap.

“The emotional and spiritual damage of not having clean water, having to look at all of the water surrounding us on a daily basis and unable to use it, is almost unquantifiable,” said Chief Emily Whetung."

Leyland Cecco reports for the Guardian April 30, 2021.

Source: Guardian, 05/03/2021