"Chocolate Prices To Keep Rising As West Africa’s Cocoa Crisis Deepens"

"Surveying the stripped landscape of her farm - dotted with pools of cyanide-tainted, tea coloured waste water left by illegal gold miners - is enough to make Janet Gyamfi break down.

Only last year, the 27-hectare plot in western Ghana was covered with nearly 6,000 cocoa trees. Today, less than a dozen remain.

“This farm was my only means of survival,” the 52-year-old divorcee told Reuters, tears streaming down her cheeks. “I planned to pass it on to my children.”

Long the world’s undisputed cocoa powerhouses accounting for over 60% of global supply, Ghana and its West African neighbour Ivory Coast are both facing catastrophic harvests this season."

Photography by Francis Kokoroko and reporting by Maxwell Akalaare Adombila and Joe Bavier for Reuters March 28, 2024.

Source: Reuters, 04/01/2024