Ameren Plans Huge Cleanup in Galesburg, IL

"GALESBURG — AmerenIP hopes to begin a massive environmental clean-up at the former site of McCabe Scrap Iron & Materials Co. at 151 W. Ferris St. by September or October. Galesburg Gas Light & Coke Co. produced gas beginning in 1861 at the 3-acre site, with coal tar as a waste product.

Brett Carney of Environmental Resources Management of Springfield, which was hired by Ameren to determine the extent of the pollution at the site, has completed his work, including soil testing and checking for groundwater contamination. He said the first three feet of contamination consisted of metals and fuel oil from the scrap iron operation. Carney said there are fuel residuals at the site, from the manufactured gas plant, which he described as an “oily mixture.”

“Up to 30 feet of sand that is contaminated there will have to be remediated,” Carney said. Ameren will excavate as deep as 45 feet in order to remove the contaminated soil."

John R. Pulliam reports for the Galesburg Register-Mail June 27, 2009.

Source: Galesburg Register-Mail, 06/29/2009