2009 David Stolberg Meritorious Service Award Winner

2009 Stolberg award winner Roger Witherspoon. Photo by Rob Goodier.

The Stolberg Award was presented October 7, 2009, at SEJ's 19th Annual Conference in Madison, Wisconsin to Roger Witherspoon by SEJ president Christy George and programs chair Carolyn Whetzel. In the words of SEJ executive director Beth Parke:

"Roger has given so generously of himself and his remarkable store of knowledge and experience over many years. He's a really important person in the SEJ community, the kind of member that makes the organization truly great. Roger has always been a reliable go-to volunteer, for everything from planning a full day conference tour or moderating a panel to actually reading and responding to financial documents for the audit committee. He's contributed a wise and significant voice to SEJ-Talk [members-only listserve].

"I can remember numerous occasions when Roger provided perspective, mojo and just plain help for the diversity program, or advice and support when SEJ's credibility was attacked by folks working for the nuclear power industry. His No Bullshit approach to his work is refreshing, and always consistent with deeply revered, core values of journalism: independence, credibility and public service. He knows how to give the EPA press office or power company officials a run for their money, I'm sure. He's always welcoming to SEJ newcomers; always a great resource, even for the already well informed."

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