Scientists Say Wood Pellet Business Boom Is Bad for Climate

"Trump’s EPA is expected to propose a new rule declaring burning biomass to be carbon neutral, as industry looks to expand its domestic markets." "In rural Southern towns from Virginia to Texas, mill workers are churning out wood pellets from nearby forests as fast as European power plants, thousands of miles away, can burn them."

Source: InsideClimate News, 07/14/2020

Trump Plans Fireworks at Mt. Rushmore. Virus And Wildfire Could Spread

"President Trump is planning a massive fireworks display at Mount Rushmore on July 3, despite a decade-long ban on pyrotechnics at the iconic spot because of concerns about public health, environmental and safety risks."

Source: Washington Post, 06/25/2020

"PG&E Confesses To Killing 84 People In 2018 California Fire"

"Pacific Gas & Electric confessed Tuesday to killing 84 people in one of the most devastating wildfires in recent U.S. history during a dramatic court hearing punctuated by a promise from the company’s outgoing CEO that the nation’s largest utility will never again put profits ahead of safety."

Source: AP, 06/17/2020


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