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"On Farms, ‘Plasticulture’ Persists"

"U.S. farms are covered in plastic, from the sides of greenhouses to plastic mulch, hoop houses, irrigation tubes, and more. As it degrades, plastic accumulates in soil and in plants, with potential threats to food safety."

Source: Civil Eats, 06/17/2024

42 California Dams Need Repairs. But Newsom, Legislators Battle Over Funding

"Several dozen dams throughout California could store up to 107 billion more gallons of water if they underwent repairs to fix safety problems. But facing a staggering state deficit, Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed cutting funding for a dam repair grant program in half this year, while state legislators want the $50 million restored."

Source: CalMatters, 06/17/2024

Trump Rallies GOPers Against Biden Energy Policies, But Sidesteps IRA

"Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump delivered a campaign-style energy address during a day of meetings with congressional Republicans on Thursday, hitting on trademark themes like “drill baby drill” and pledging to reverse Biden administration policies he said hamper fossil fuel development and favor electric vehicles."

Source: Politico, 06/17/2024