"Wildland Fire Camps Need Dramatic Change Amid COVID-19 Pandemic"

"When a wildfire explodes out of control and threatens property and lives, thousands of firefighters and support crews rush to the scene from around the country and even the world. Almost overnight a small city sprouts up, with firefighters camped in dense rows of tents in fields and eating in crowded mess halls."

Source: NPR, 05/08/2020

"As Bolsonaro Keeps Amazon Vows, Brazil’s Indigenous Fear ‘Ethnocide’"

"President Jair Bolsonaro is moving aggressively to open up the Amazon rainforest to commercial development, posing an existential threat to the tribes living there."

"URU EU WAU WAU TERRITORY, Brazil — The billboard at the entrance of a tiny Indigenous village in the Amazon has become a relic in less than a decade, boasting of something no longer true.

“Here, there is investment by the federal government,” proclaims the sign, erected in 2012, which is now shrouded by fallen palm tree fronds.

Source: NY Times, 04/21/2020


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