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June 2, 2009

"The End of Local News? If Communities Lose Newspapers, Who Will Fill the Void?"

SEJers in Maryland or the DC area might be interested in this free University of Maryland J-school symposium.

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EPA Adds West Virginia Site Plagued By Chemical Dumping To Cleanup List

"A local company that once helped the West Virginia town of Minden thrive had for for decades dumped untold amounts of industrial chemicals nearby. Years after that coal-equipment manufacturer shuttered and the rest of the local coal economy fell into decline, those toxic chemicals remained."

Source: Washington Post, 05/15/2019

Is Your Local Landfill Leaking Methane?

It’s a good case for the global-local nexus: The potent greenhouse gas methane may be leaking from your local landfill. And this week’s TipSheet explains the latest news developments in this long-standing controversy, as well as policy disputes over capturing the gas. Plus, get story ideas and questions to ask for your local reporting.

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Long-Polluting Western Maryland Paper Mill to Close, Ending Jobs

"Maryland environmental regulators were in talks with a Western Maryland paper mill about how to significantly reduce the facility’s output of a harmful pollutant when its owner shocked state officials last week by announcing plans to shutter the 131-year-old factory."

Source: Baltimore Sun, 05/10/2019

State of the Air Report Spotlights Persistent Pollution Problems

Happen to have any air breathers in your audience? Then the latest State of the Air Report will give you fodder to cover the persistent pollution problems that plague the skies. This week’s TipSheet has the backstory on the fight against air pollution and five smart ways to tell the story from a local-regional context.

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Environmental Groups Sue U.S. Steel Over Monongahela Valley Pollution

"Two environmental organizations filed a federal lawsuit in Pittsburgh Monday alleging that U.S. Steel Corp.’s illegal operation of its three Mon Valley facilities following a Dec. 24, 2018 fire, that knocked out pollution controls at its Clairton Coke Works, damaged the health of nearby residents."

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 05/01/2019

Forging a Future for a ‘Forgotten River’

Washington, D.C.’s long-neglected Anacostia River bears both tragedy and beauty. And author Krista Schlyer plumbs its depths in her most recent book, “River of Redemption.” In this Between the Lines, she speaks of her connection to the urban waterway, as well as her latest reporting on the environmental impact of the border wall.

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