"Car Rules: Battle Lines Drawn As Trump Finalizes Rollback"

"Trump administration officials today defended their decision to finalize the rollback of clean car standards during the novel coronavirus crisis, prompting praise from conservatives and threats of lawsuits from environmentalists."

Source: Greenwire, 04/01/2020

"Car Rules: Leaked Draft: Trump Emissions Plan Fails Agency Price Test"

"The Trump administration has failed to correct major errors in its rollback of clean car standards, leaving the proposal vulnerable to legal challenges, according to a draft of the proposal obtained by Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) and shared with E&E News."

Source: ClimateWire, 03/30/2020

A Source Toolbox for Climate Change Reporting in the Emerald Corridor

As part of the “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor” special report, we’ve collected a wide range of resources to help reporters track down climate stories throughout the Pacific Northwest. You’ll find an array of government, academic and NGO links for Oregon, including Portland; Washington, including Seattle; and British Columbia, including Vancouver, as well as from regional, national and international resources.

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Pacific Northwest Rides Adaptation Wave

The final entry in our multi-week “Covering Your Climate: The Emerald Corridor” special report explores how the Pacific Northwest is adapting to climate change, whether it’s new approaches to working the land, changing critical infrastructure or rethinking our mindset. Read this last tipsheet, plus check out our earlier reports on climate mitigation and on climate impacts, plus our stage-setting backgrounder and a reporter’s resource toolkit.

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Coronavirus Pandemic Spawns Many Stories on Environment Beat

The momentous COVID-19 outbreak has many, many reporting angles — environment and energy stories certainly among them. Our latest Issue Backgrounder has an extensive rundown on possible ways in for environment and energy reporters, including everything from respiratory disease and air pollution to science denial and climate change, and more. Plus, pending passage of a massive congressional aid package. And an earlier TipSheet on how journalists can prepare for public health emergencies.

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"So Far, Stimulus Is Leaving Mass Transit Behind"

"As the U.S. government signals its willingness to come to the aid of airline and cruise industries wounded by the novel coronavirus, another transportation sector is desperate to signal its distress to federal lawmakers. And the case for support rests, in part, on climate change."

Source: Bloomberg Green, 03/23/2020

SEJournal Relaunches WatchDog with a ‘Voice,’ Plus Coronavirus and More

SEJournal welcomes back from hiatus our WatchDog feature, now recast as an opinion column from Joseph A. Davis, Society of Environmental Journalists’ veteran freedom of information advocate and longtime SEJournal contributor. In part one of a two-parter, find out why we’re relaunching the new column, plus get Davis’ take on government openness (or lack thereof) around coronavirus, as well as more on SEJ’s deep commitment to open information and a rundown of its recent FOI activities. And watch for part two next week.

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