Cuomo Cites New Climate Law In Denying Controversial NY-NJ Pipeline

"Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration denied a permit for a pipeline to supply natural gas to Long Island and New York City in a landmark decision citing the state’s sweeping climate law."

Source: Politico, 05/19/2020

Ignoring COVID-19 Link, EPA Leaves Lax Soot Standard in Place

As researchers are finding that soot and other forms of fine particulates in the air may actually make people more vulnerable to the coronavirus, the EPA decided earlier this month against tightening related standards under the Clean Air Act. The latest TipSheet explains why the decision matters, provides deeper context and offers story ideas and resources.

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"Bipartisan Senators Announce $19.5B Water Infrastructure Proposal"

"Lawmakers on the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) Committee have announced two pieces of draft legislation that together would invest  $19.5 billion into the country’s water infrastructure."

Source: The Hill, 04/22/2020

"A Global Deal To Slash Oil Production Is At Risk After Mexico Objects"

"Russia and Saudi Arabia have called off their brutal price war and are now pushing dozens of major crude producers toward a deal that would slash production and help stabilize a market that's been rocked by the coronavirus pandemic."

Source: CNN, 04/10/2020


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